Risers for chairs, sofas and beds designed for comfort, style and function.

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“With risers, no hands needed!”

The Risers For You Difference

Our risers are made with renewable Indiana hardwoods and add between 1.5 and 6 inches height to furniture, making it easier to sit and stand or increase storage space. See how easy it is to achieve comfort, safety, and style with this simple furniture modification that’s designed uniquely to meet your needs.

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There are a few things to consider when buying risers for your furniture – leg shape, size, and color. We make it easy.
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Comfort doesn’t have to mean compromising your home’s decor.

Replace those dreadful plastic risers with ones that match and enhance your existing furniture. Our hardwoods offer the highest quality, furniture grade solutions. Maintain your independence and experience the benefits Risers For You can make for your home, no matter what stage of life you’re in.
My risers are so seamless I forget they’re there.

Rhoda S.
These risers are Class A because they are handmade and they look like part of the furniture. The furniture doesn’t slide, so I know they’re safe. There’s no wiggling and it feels firm. I have no more trouble getting up and down from my couch. I tried it and I know it works!

Everyone is so surprised to hear how much of a difference an inch Or two makes but it’s been a world of difference for my husband who has Parkinson’s.

Wow! I couldn’t believe what a difference just a 1 1/2 inch rise makes when getting up and down from my chair, but it does.

Lewis C.
They fit my [furniture] legs perfectly! They’re much prettier than a couple of 2 x 4’s laying on the carpet.

Dr. Nelson