Our product, your customers, their way.

What started as a personal and passionate endeavor by our founder quickly expanded into a mighty cause for the masses.

A product with an impact

Our risers are made with renewable Indiana hardwoods and add between 1.5 and 6 inches height to furniture, making it easier to sit and stand or increase storage space. Designed for Safety With Style™, our product lines offer high quality, attractive furniture modification that’s uniquely designed to meet your customers’ needs.
  • Provide a solution to the largest sector of the population
  • Offer an additional product line that right sizes your customers’ furniture without compromising their home decor
  • Increase your sales and boost profitability
  • Made in USA
  • Support a local and woman-owned business
  • Wow customers with quality and design excellence
  • Contribute to improving the lives of seniors
My risers are so seamless I forget they’re there.

Rhoda S.
These risers are Class A because they are handmade and they look like part of the furniture. The furniture doesn’t slide, so I know they’re safe. There’s no wiggling and it feels firm. I have no more trouble getting up and down from my couch. I tried it and I know it works!

Everyone is so surprised to hear how much of a difference an inch Or two makes but it’s been a world of difference for my husband who has Parkinson’s.

Wow! I couldn’t believe what a difference just a 1 1/2 inch rise makes when getting up and down from my chair, but it does.

Lewis C.
They fit my [furniture] legs perfectly! They’re much prettier than a couple of 2 x 4’s laying on the carpet.

Dr. Nelson

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